Friday, April 2, 2010

much that i hate to admit this, i've thought about quitting my blog for quite some time. if you're smart enough, you can sense it too - lesser updates , shorter posts, rarely any pictures...

it's a sign!

perhaps you saw this coming, you've guessed it -- miss-eilyk is closing down.

take care people, spread the love and to all avid bloggers out there, keep your flags high. i'll come back again someday, a better blogger. =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

hm, i need to change my blog's layout.
the self-proclaimed graphic designer is back to action!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

life's not very good for me since that pathetic B scored in that pathetic spm. believe me, i tried to bounce back but each time i do, there's bound to be something, even the slightest misfortune, that makes me fall back hard. but climb did i and climb i will to the top. i'm not giving up, life.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

一直告诉自己,不 因为没有得到100粒苹果而忘记自己拥有的95粒苹果.

at least i got an A1 for 1119...? no comments.

thank you wenthong for the beautiful quote in mandarin!

Monday, March 8, 2010



it really isnt me to abandon something which i used to enjoy doing everyday - blogging. it was almost an obligation to update on every events possible, and that was way back then. the me right now has no time for blogs, totally sleep deprived, developed some calf muscles from standing 8 hours everyday, and hasnt read the newspapers for ages in which i wouldve missed out on spm result day if my parents arent aware of current affairs.

WELL. let's just see what the future decides for me on thursday. :)

here's the thing: like it or not, straight ace plusses or not, it will be our final outing together as SBUians on thursday. so, pavilion, alice in wonderland, redbox. everyone is invited. it'll be the usual, to put it vehemently, -cue dramatic effects- the last time we're doing the usual, unless you've got some better suggestions, cbox you go. and this time, the organiser is loaded with credit, no worries :)


& i dont owe my blog pictures anymore! only the finest - when i mean finest it's pictures i look good in - were selected. i must look decent in my own blog right? so... cny was alright. i dont really look forward to the money contained in angpaus anymore because our parents too, fork out money to distribute angpaus to relatives and they'll usually return the exact amount that were given to us. but my kiasu parents usually return a higher favour. you tell me, where's the money earn? i now understand why grown ups are not even fond of cny and the thought of getting red packets itself. yup yup, 17 going 18 and much wiser. hehe.

as always, i enjoy spending cny with the penangites rather than cousins in muar. those in muar arh.... cry cry cry. i'm the eldest you see. and can you believe this: my dad asked me to MOP the bungalow on cny's eve.

har har. of course i didnt. my uncle brought his maid what.

and no poker this year. =(

@ bukit tinggi with the kiasuuu penangites.

that's arthon and annette whom i only meet once a year. love 'em!

that'll be ah li, ah bi, ah mi and ah di. *hearts*

small boy andrei who used to be very cute. i dont like boys at his age, they tend to lose their chubbiness we used to adore and become very very grumpy. eeeeee~ growing up, period.

yeah now you can see my sis's fractured arm.
her popularity surged immediately in school because everyone thinks it's so cool to break a wrist while SKATEBOARDING. and mind you, it's the two wheel skateboard which my cous bro couldnt even balance himself for 5 seconds on it.

@ kuala selangor's kelip-kelip area.

and that's my popo. very very cool one indeed :D

best roti canai at raju's!

ought to sleep now. see ya!

Friday, March 5, 2010

to 'think' that i almost gave up on idol...

i'm glad i didnt.

you've heard me, america :) vote for the funny little thing please!

btw, it's the 11th. ha. ha. ha.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

when they say 'two is better than one',

jy: maybe i should take up a second wife in future.

misleading titles... .________.

Friday, February 26, 2010


the mood to update on my cny celebration is still quite festive in mind but each time i open the create new post page i'd leave within seconds because 1, blogger takes forever to upload the pictures and 2, i need more sleep.

so let's just wait till jy is kind enough to upload them for me :)

since i need to keep my blog alive for the... 18 readers i have (WOW TRULY UNEXPECTED), i guess i'll tell you my favourite for AI season 9. yeah, i finally get to catch up with some tv programmes as it was also my off day. and i think i shouldnt give up on AI because daughtry archuleta mcphee and lambert werent crowned the american idols. they still are successfully better than david cooke taylor hicks (lousiest of all) kris allen and all the undeserving winners. do you sense volumes of bitterness here? the only commendable winner would be kelly clarkson, honest.

long story short, i like

siobhan magnus.

she's very awkward. dark. mystifying. not very pretty in comparison.
but she totally blew me away when she began hitting the high notes. that stevie wonder performance, she reminds me totally of adam lambert!
i have a slight hunch that she wouldnt make it very far because simon indirectly labelled her as strange. americans probably single out strange people like her. however so, i see supporters on youtube! yay!

as for the guys.... imagine my horror when i saw ALEX LAMBERT. .____________.

will be continued. :)